Saturday, October 10, 2009

Global Warming as Religion

Take a look at this story from the BBC entitled "What Happened to Global Warming?":

I don't know, for a fact, that global warming is not happening, although I grow increasingly skeptical all the time. One thing I can say, however, is that Global Warmism (hereafter "GW") serves as an ersatz-religion for many people in the world today, particularly among the world's Left. In this essay I will use the term "Global Warmists" to refer to those people who are particularly passionate activists in the movement to sharply reduce carbon dioxide emissions by man in order to prevent worldwide catastrophe.

I am not a member of any religion, but I do believe one thing--if you need to worship something greater than yourself, then you should worship the Creator rather than the creation.

GW has a number of features that strike me as somewhat religious in character. It seems to have some analogs to Christianity (and other religions, especially Christianity's fellow Abrahamics).

Whereas Christianity has a God, GW has Earth/Nature/Gaia. One sins in Christianity by disobeying God, and one sins in GW by having a carbon footprint.

In Christianity, we are all born with a flaw--the tendency to sin and disobey God. In GW, we are all born with a flaw--the tendency to impact the environment in some way or other.

In Catholicism, one can confess one's sins and perform the appropriate penance. In GW, one can pay for carbon offsets.

Christianity is a religion of prophets such as Moses, Abraham, and Jacob. GW is a religion of prophets like Al Gore and Barack Obama. The GW prophets speak with the authority of Mother Earth and ask us to obey. Sometimes they demand that we do and use the authority the State to force us to, much as the Church once did.

They both look forward to a transformation of the world. In Christianity, this blessed condition cannot happen in the here and now. In GW, this blessed condition can happen in the here and now, provided that we can force greedy humans to permit it.

Both are, in some ultimate sense, faith based and not falsifiable. They both make claims that cannot be disconfirmed in the believers' minds by any empirical evidence; indeed, sometimes their faith is actually strengthened by counterevidence.

Both have a tendency to engender a great deal of passion and missionary fervor in their believers. Many believers are tempted to be highly judgmental of nonbelievers. The only difference is that Global Warmists are far more conspicuously preachy and annoying than Christians these days. They also demonize their opponents with a great deal of religious fervor.

Religions have often had a tendency to punish blasphemy and marginalize blasphemers. Christianity has done this in the past, Islam does it today, and GW does it currently with enthusiasm.

Religious people often believe that people who criticize their beliefs are motivated to attack God and are thereby evil. Global Warmists often believe that people who criticize their beliefs are motivated to attack Mother Earth and are thereby evil.

Christianity has a terrible place of punishment in the afterlife for those who merit a stay there. Oh, how GW must wish that it had this!

Christians have an evil one named Satan. Global Warmists have an evil one named Man.

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