Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Palin Signing

I recently attended a Sarah Palin book signing. Palin has a powerful presence and possesses that X factor that cannot be denied.

I'm not necessarily Mister "Palin 2012" guy, but I have tremendous respect for her. Her most important role is that of a life, a meaning, a symbol. She represents and embodies powerful ideas. She is a powerful, independent woman who rose from humble circumstances to achieve greatness. She lives her values and honors tradition. She is a warrior, she could live off of the land during the Zombie Apocalypse, and she embodies the spirit of those who went West in search of adventure.

After the signing, she walked right past me with Trig in her arms. She chose against abortion to give birth to this child, and seeing Trig in that safe place was an inspiring affirmation of life and the sacredness of children.

So many people hate this woman with so much passion that one must suspect that she is doing something very right.

May God bless you, your family, and your children. We conservatives have high expectations for you, Sarah Palin!

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  1. I somehow fail to understand politics today. What is it, what is its concern? What expectation someone may achieve in the world of today and based on what opinion and measure of things? Can one person, say a president, a minister or someone like Sarah, practically do anything?
    I think politics today should change dramatically, because true power is not in the parliament any more. It's in the media and in the economy that is the driving force of politics, and the absolute measure of success and failure. Media and economy are creating social values people live, follow and die for, and politics only adds some patriotic, idyllic, 'feeling-good' spice to the soup. In a polyvalent world of different and opposite expectations politicians cannot do anything anymore, and their role is not same as it was 100 years ago. Roosevelt's and Obama's time is quite different. In 3 or 4 years they're given in elections, politicians cannot do anything positively and quickly to be visible, apart for making themselves celebrities for a while. Of course, they can screw up many things, as one fool can make damage thousands good men cannot put right. Thus they spend their time making themselves good looking persons and flattering media, reflecting on old dreams we find noble and attractive, yet follow a completely different set of ideas when it comes to our everyday work.
    We're witnessing the change inside our societies which are vast and multifaceted, yet we stubbornly allow to ride some oldfashioned ideals based on constitutions several hundreds years old. They don't cope any more, same as Gallileo's or Newton's telescope cannot cope with today's Hubble. Society needs a new set of binoculars.