Monday, January 25, 2010

Do-Gooders Diss Display in Deutschland

The Harley Days events for 2010 and 2011 have been canceled by the Hamburg Senate in Germany. From the original article: "Ein Grund dafür soll sein, das Hamburg zur Umwelthauptstadt 2011 ernannt wurde, dann würde eine Veranstaltung wie die HH-Days nicht in das Gesamtbild passen."

Roughly translated, this says that a reason for this is that Hamburg was named a key environmentally-friendly city for 2011, so an event like Harley Days doesn't fit into that picture.

This event had been planned long in advance and countless hotel rooms were already booked.

This stuff is starting to leave the realm of annoying and into that of scary.

First and less important, this actually demonizes something (motorcycles) that we have been encouraged to see as environmentally friendly. Does Mother Earth cry if I go on a ride on my motorcycle solely for the sake of basking in Her beauty? If the ride has no other purpose than my personal pleasure? Am I making Her too warm?

My primary worry about this kind of event is that I see it as a trend, rather than as an isolated incident. Environmentalism long ago left the realm of commonsense measures to conserve and protect our natural surroundings and became an ersatz-religion. That's fine as far as it goes. There are all kinds of religious beliefs out there.

The problem here is that, like so many ideologies that we have seen, it presumes to be deny its religious origins and to base itself entirely on science. Then it was embraced by politicos as a vehicle to enact change on an immense scale using the power of the State in the form of governments and the United Nations.

Now environmentalism has become corrupted by political interests. Statists use it constantly as a pretext for controlling the behavior of normal citizens, who are forced to act in accordance with the corrupted idealism of the politicos.

So now we see this absolutely offensive and ridiculous ban on a Harley-Davidson rally in Hamburg under these green pretexts.

I love nature and I see God when I look into beautiful natural scenes, but this movement is running off of the rails. The global warming movement is nurturing the totalitarian temptation.

I recommend reading Friedrich Hayek's The Road to Serfdom to see clearly how well-meaning idealism can lead us to dark places.

I’m not saying that we are there, but I see this powerful urge to compel people to live in certain ways by fiat. It disturbs me profoundly, and I wish I didn’t see it. It would be easier. I love both nature and the environment, but I am tired of do-gooders who have taken it upon themselves to play Jesus in all his glory.

Thank God I live in Arizona, where I will always ride free with my fists in the wind. Liberty lives in the desert! Ride!


  1. You are correct in your perception and conclusion, sir! Posers deny their true spiritual foundation. My opinion is that their foundation is Lucifer who said, "I will not serve."

    The abuse of the public trust and authority never loses its sting. You express this yourself and I concur, "It disturbs me profoundly, and I wish I didn't see it. It would be easier."

    "They" are coming after your vehicles, your money, your life and the lives of later generations.

  2. Why is it, I have to wonder, that large numbers of people buy into surreal nonsense? That is how the Hitlers and Maos come into power. They know that large numbers of people will come to believe whatever lies they put out.

    Why do people in otherwise rational nations believe in obvious untruths on a massive scale? Is it because we have some kind of herd instinct to play Follow the Crazy Leader?

    I don't get it. I really don't.

    If we could fix this problem in people, we could create a paradise on earth. But first, we have to understand the problem.