Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Incompleteness of Maya

Sages have said that the world in which we now live cannot fully satisfy the longing of the human heart. If there is a God (or at least a beneficent Supreme), then perhaps we are supposed to learn this over time in order that we seek the Source of our Being. If there is no beneficent Supreme, then it is a distressing thing to learn. Yet the world is under no obligation to satisfy our desires, and so we wonder.


  1. When we direct our loving longing to God-dess, that longing is our connection, and it will carry us to our goal. It seems we primarily experience separation from God-dess in this world. So we are left wondering. That's where faith comes in. We go on loving and longing hoping that someday we will experience union in a perfect loving relationship that fully satisfies our heart as nothing else can.

  2. This post make Hulk mad! Hulk no have time for ruminations on metaphysics and meaning of life. Hulk have to give presentation to CEO tomorrow, convince him to let Hulk keep job. Hulk not distressed to live in atomistic universe of Democritus and Lucretius—Hulk distressed about prospect of having to sell off yacht and house in Hamptons. Maybe Hulk even lose Lexus!