Friday, May 7, 2010


Earth, your indifference is staggering, and also humbling. Were we to live in outside in the desert just to be nearer to you, you would send a swarm of pests to consume us. Indeed, our bodies fight off your attacks at every moment and one day must finally succumb. Were we to recycle every item we ever used, you would neither notice nor care. Yet we love to think you care, and that you approve of us.


  1. Hulk know Earth indifferent. Hulk send nice card and chocolate to Earth for Earth Day, and what Hulk get in return? Nothing! Apparently, Earth too busy even to give Hulk phone call, maybe say "Thank you, Hulk, Earth like card, with cute rabbit cartoon and funny caption, and Earth like chocolate too, even though it go to Earth waist, ha ha ha!" Next Earth Day, Hulk smash Earth and throw into black hole, then Hulk go live on Moon, which at least acknowledge Hulk existence.

  2. I will presently die from a most unnatural fit of laughter!