Wednesday, May 7, 2014

A Flourishing Human Life

This article about dropping birth rates confirms something that I have come to believe as I have aged: Humans are good--create them.

Here is the track for a flourishing human life, in order: First, get an education and develop some useful skills. Second, get married to a morally decent and psychologically stable person. Third, produce children with that person. Fourth, teach your children two things--that there are objective moral truths that they need to respect, and that life has a meaning that will make all of its hardships worthwhile.

Allowing for the wide variety of exceptions in peoples' lives that might make this an impossible plan, this plan is what we ought to embrace generally as a society. The vast majority of us can and should follow this plan.

Some ideas that are inimical to this general plan for a flourishing human life are: that there is no meaning to life, that morality is merely relative or non-existent, that traditions don't matter, that you shouldn't trust anyone over thirty, that humanity is a virus that needs to be destroyed, that sexual discipline is unimportant, that marriage is just a piece of paper, that our irresponsibility is somebody else's fault, that we are perpetual victims, that there is no truth, among many others.

Can you imagine stating, with all seriousness, any of these propositions to your children as you prepare them for life? If not, perhaps you don't really believe them. If we don't really believe them, then we need to stop acting as if they are true. Intellectual integrity and consistency demand it. Affirm their opposites, embrace them, and live them.

Have I become more conservative as I have aged? Oh, yes. For with age, comes wisdom.

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