Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Puzzling Ideas of the Postmodern Age

There many ideas that puzzle me in the post-modern age in which we live.  Some are merely common, while others have achieved the status of orthodoxy--almost like a secular catechism of sorts.  Here I list some ideas that came to my mind as I sat before the computer:

Right and wrong are entirely constructs of the human will (except when I am talking to someone on the opposite side of political spectrum, who is morally reprehensible).

Good and evil are entirely constructs of the human will (except when I am talking to someone on the opposite side of the political spectrum, who is the embodiment of evil).

Sexual proclivities and behaviors are not at all constructs of the human will, but gender is entirely a construct of the human will.

No one has the right to judge anyone else (except for me, when I judge that you should never judge anyone else).

There is no ultimate truth (except for this statement, which is an ultimate truth).

All religions are equally good.

All religions are equally bad.

All religions are the same.

Religion is absolutely nothing more than an attempt to control people.  Done.  Next!

Beauty is entirely a construct of the human will (unless you like something that disgusts me, in which case beauty is more than merely a construct of the human will).

There is no self (although ‘I’ have no idea to ‘whom’ ‘I’ am speaking when ‘I’ say this).

There is a Higher Energy (although I really don’t know exactly what I mean by this).

We are on the verge of destroying the Earth (even though the twelve-mile wide rock from space sixty-five million years ago that wiped out the dinosaurs failed to destroy it, as we can see by looking out the window right now).

Human beings are a virus (I don’t know what this means outside of being an acceptable way to express misanthropy and self-hatred).

Everyone is out to get you (maybe you’re right if you’re that important, which you probably aren’t).

Violence is always wrong (even when we’re dealing with murderers).

We should have radical diversity (unless it is of viewpoints).

Killing human fetuses is a sacred and inviolable choice, but the state should outlaw incandescent light bulbs.

Pretty much everything is racist, unless you are of the opinion that white people are uniquely racist, which is not racist at all.

Having children is selfish (can you believe the nerve of your parents?!).

Humans are nothing more than animals.  Snore.

There is no meaning to life (but I would never kill myself--not sure why not).

All we need is love.

Among others.  Wish to dispute my take on them?  Wish to add something to my list?  Please do!

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